Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

Whenever you need any type of pipe, conduit or cable installed on your property, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) can be a minimal-impact, cost effective solution. Directional drilling, sometimes called directional boring, can be used for a multitude of projects from installing home irrigation, pool and sewer lines, to commercial and industrial telecommunications and gas lines.

Unlike open trench digging, horizontal directional drilling goes under the land surface. Horizontal directional drilling does not damage building structures, driveways, walkways and gardens. As a result, there is minimal impact on the surrounding area, reducing the need to rehab the drilled property. This saves you both time and money.

Tight Access Excavation Inc. provides expert HDD drilling services to both homeowners and businesses throughout Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties. We can drill in any type of soil you may have, and we use a sophisticated guidance system to navigate our drills past any underground obstacles. We can even drill around established underground utilities within inches, if necessary.

How far we can drill depends on size of the pipe we use (4” or 8”) and your soil type. For most jobs, we can drill as far as 500-800 feet.

For more information about our horizontal drilling capabilities, please call us at: 707-795-0369.

Tight Access has done two jobs for me recently, one a very large multi-faceted custom home excavation, including driveway construction, 65 foundation piers drilled and building pad leveling, and the other a water service job crossing a California rural highway, requiring careful management of the public highway access during construction. In both cases, Tight Access was highly skilled, and thoroughly professional. I have no hesitation recommending them.
— Mike Korchinsky, President and Co-Founder, Wildlife Works Carbon LLC, Mill Valley, CA