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What is directional drilling?

Directional drilling is a process of trenchless boring with minimal impact to the surrounding area. Once this drilling has started we use a guidance system to navigate the drill thru the numerous obstacles underground so we can run whatever pipe and conduit you need.

what services do you offer

We offer numerous services for both residential and commercial use. From household jobs like irrigation, pools and sewer. To more industrial jobs such as telecommunications and gas lines.

Hdd vs. directional drilling?

There is none! HDD is an acronym typically used that stands for Horizontal directional drilling.


why would i use directional drilling?

Directional drilling allows a much cleaner and cost effective trenching solution. This is done by digging under gardens, buildings, and much more reducing rehab of the drilled property. 

how far can you drill?

This is highly dependent on a few factors, size of pipe, soil type and location. That being said the most jobs we can easily do is 500-800 ft.

how much DOES it COST?

The cost of directional drilling is seems like a complicated process but it's usually cheaper than trenching because you don't have the cost of restoration.


how can i contact you

You can email or call us anytime! We usually get back to you within 48 hours.

is this only for COMMERCIAL?

This can used for a multitude of residential jobs as well! Whether its piping for a pool and drainage for your garden!


There are plenty of jobs in directional drilling and excavation apply here if interested.