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Directional drilling 

what is directional drilling?

Directional drilling is a process of trenchless boring with minimal impact to the surrounding area. Once this drilling has started we use a guidance system to navigate the drill thru the numerous obstacles underground so we can run what ever pipe and conduit you need.

what can it be used for?

Directional drilling can be used for a multitude of of jobs from household jobs like irrigation, pools and sewer. To more industrial jobs such as telecommunications and gas lines.

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whats the difference between HDD and directional drilling?

There is none! HDD is an acronym typically used that stands for Horizontal directional drilling.


drilling distance

How far we can drill can change dremadicly depending on size of pipe and soil type. but for most jobs will range from 500-800 max length

8" pipe - 500ft

4" (or smaller) - 800ft

how long DOES it take?

Depending on the job it can fluctuate quite a bit but our typical lead time is (..........)


how accurate is directional drilling

We use the latest technology to guide our drill with pinpoint accuracy. This allows us to drill around utilities within inches.